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Welcome to Kids Church! We offer classes for children ages 1-12 and are always planning something fun to help them experience the joy of the Lord.
Have questions about our Kids’ Church programs or want to come and visit? Contact us at for more information!

Special Events

Get ready for a rocking good time as our
Kids Church worships in a really fun way! 
We are so excited to bring back VBS this year!
Pre-registration and T-shirt purchases starts soon!


 Memory Verses for June



Let’s Get Connected

We want to  keep you updated on what’s going on with our kids. We now have a Facebook group dedicated to our Kids Church!
It’s for parents and volunteers and we will be sharing details on  upcoming special events, monthly lesson updates for both Kids Church and our Youth, great resources and more!
Joining is simple, just click and request to join. We look forward to connecting with you!


This Month’s Lessons

Kids – Legacy

There is a legacy waiting, for every kid everywhere. The legacy has been handed down like a valuable family heirloom and this month you’ll get to tell kids about what that legacy is! The Holy Spirit is the legacy that Jesus gives to every person who believes. The Holy Spirit is for everyone and helps us so much.
The Holy spirit helps us know God, love everyone, do God’s work, and makes us a part of God’s family.

 Youth – Back to the Future

Whether it’s to see where you’ll be in 10 years, or experience your favorite moment in history firsthand, we all wish we had a time machine sometimes, right? While time machines might not actually exist, the Bible can sometimes feel a little bit like a time machine. In this 4-week series, we’ll look back at  Jesus’ mission to set people free and rebuild what has been destroyed — and learn how we can join Him on that mission.


Coming Soon: Prayer Resources, Parent’s Tips and more! 


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Thank you for supporting our children’s walk with Jesus!



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