First time visiting us?
Sunday Service: 10 am
Spiritual Life Class: Wed. 7 pm
Here’s what you can expect:
We’ve got folks ready to greet you and others ready to help you find a seat. After service, you’ll have the choice to meet our Pastor if you wish.
God is looking for YOU to come to Him, not for you to simply do what others are doing. Feel free to raise your hands, or not, jump around, or not.  Worship is personal just between you and God!
Our messages are taught in plain language with scripture references along the way. They are applicable to you today and we apply the bible to your life the way it’s meant to be. 
(if you need it)  
We have a team of faith-filled people who stay after every service in case you need anything. Whether it’s about something specific or clarification on what you heard during the sermon, we want to help.
What should I wear?
If you can go to Wegmans in it, you can come to church here in it too. Some of us might be in our Sunday best but be comfortable and you won’t be underdressed.
What should I bring?
A Bible if you have one, and if you don’t – never fear! We project the scriptures and song lyrics on the front wall so you can sing and read along with both worship and the Word.
When does it start?
Worship begins at 10am. We encourage you to arrive early to find your seat and get excited about having an encounter with God – because we believe you’ll have one if you’re ready!
How long will I be there?
Most services end by 11:20, but when God moves in a big way, it’s hard to leave – and we might go a little longer.
On occasion, we stay after service and have lunch together!
Can I bring my kids?
Yes! We have Kid’s Church every Sunday where they will be safe and taught the Bible in a memorable and fun way. When you pull in, our kids church is straight ahead of you. Drop them off and then follow the signs to our main sanctuary.
Will I be singled out?
No. Some of our regular attenders may notice you are new and introduce themselves, but no one will ask you to stand up in front of the congregation and be the center of attention. 
Do I have to put money in the offering?
We don’t ask our guests to tithe or give an offering, but you are welcome to if you feel something tugging on your heart to do so. Read more about tithing here.
What are the sermons like?
We teach on life-relevant subjects in series that can span a couple weeks, or sometimes a couple months. You can listen online and get caught up.
We take communion together the first Sunday of the month in honor of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
It will be passed to you in your seat – no need to get up! There are no special prerequisites if you want to partake, but you can choose not to if you wish.
Our Youth are learning to navigate the world of adulthood, and it’s harder than ever these days. We meet with them the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month for special teachings centered around their challenges. Anyone grades 7 through 12 are welcome to join in.
Sometimes church service can feel formal, so on Wednesday night at 7pm, we get together for a cup of coffee and hear a message from a different series. We don’t record these or put them online, but don’t be shy about dropping by to see what it’s all about!